Teaching & Supervision


I currently teach four courses in the Department of Sociology at Queen’s:

  • SOCY934 Global Surveillance Controversies, my graduate surveillance course, which is about whatever I want it to be about in any given year, month or week!
  • SOCY300 Urban Sociology. This is a third year level introduction to Urban Sociology and Urban Studies. Each week has a lecture on a theme and a related lecture about a particular city.
  • SOCY309 Surveillance and Society. Another third year course, this time an intensive introduction to Surveillance Studies.
  • SOCY225 Sociology of Globalization. A big second year course about… globalization.

I used to teach SOCY901 Social Theory, the compulsory graduate theory course, which I really enjoyed.

Mentoring and Supervision

If you are interested in working with me, please bear in mind my changing situation! (See the news here).

I have supervised several foreign visiting students and I am very happy to work with visiting Masters and Doctoral students, Postdoctoral researchers and faculty, particularly from Europe, South America and East Asia. If you are interested, please contact the Surveillance Studies Centre.

Doctoral Students

Currently, I am supervising or co-supervising only 1 PhD student as I wind my work down at Queen’s:

  • Rohit Revi (Cultural Studies), who is working on surveillance and paranoia.

I am still on a few committees too.

I’ve supervised 7 PhD students to completion, the majority of whom now have tenure or tenure-track jobs.

I’ve been the leader of the Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar, a biennial intensive doctoral school run by the Surveillance Studies Centre, since 2013. There wasn’t one in 2021 due to COVID, but the next one should be in 2023.

Masters Supervision

I have 3 current MA students (Sociology, unless stated)

  • David Eliot, who is working on AI and changes to surveillance capitalism.
  • Vincent Boucher, who is working on far-right radicalization online.
  • Taylor Doak-Hess (Cultural Studies), who is looking at surveillance in the world of Bioshock.

I’ve supervised more than a twenty MA theses or major projects while at Queen’s. Some of those students lived to tell the tale.

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