San Francisco CCTV (slight return)

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that a murder suspect was arrested as a result of CCTV footage. This comes hot on the heels of the critical report that I mentioned a few days ago. Is it a coincidence that we see these kinds of stories now? I think not. It seems that the SF police may be doing some spin-doctoring to counter any perception that the cameras ‘don’t work’. SF residents should expect more of the same over the next few weeks…

Author: David

I'm David Murakami Wood. I live on Wolfe Island, in Ontario, and am Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Surveillance Studies and an Associate Professor at Queen's University, Kingston.

5 thoughts on “San Francisco CCTV (slight return)”

  1. Joined up legal structures and mindsets promote hindsight over foresight, so defences will always be mounted to weaknesses identified elsewhere which could affect the accuracy of that hindsight. Sad that perceptions to that approach seem to continue to gain ground. Congratulations to the authors of the report(s) which have promoted such a wide and vigorous defensive move.

    It is unfortunate that weaknesses/or abuse identified from within systems is not so heavily promoted externally, perhaps then the protection of life would again begin to be seen as the priority over short term gains.


  2. Too true, Ian. I should point out that Ian Welton was the person who originally brought the report to my attention via the SURVEILLANCE jiscmail list.! Thanks…

  3. the cameras are everywhere according to the sfgate.
    i have a photo of one at the bottom entrence of a tunnel and another at what you call ‘the tube” [bart, here]

    there is actually as far as surveillance goes, more to consider, if one pays attention to web-citizens, military, bush, al gore and darpa and ….

    ingenious: thought systems included and then ironicallty used as a bludgeon, my shrinks, say from britian..acusing tagged baged and harmed , inernational community a bunch of nuts.
    [let;s not write a 500 page paper of the where fores and whys…duh!]

    as is my ingenious leanings are atheistitc.
    fwiw if anything or nothing.

    all issues with as say, ingenious , ironic, in most cases,

  4. The person miss_kitty puts forward an array of confused issues whilst effectively protecting their own privacy from disclosure.

    One perceives this can be a regular problem with open blogs.

    Could the blogsphere itself be seen as a self-created surveillance ready mechanism, in much the same way as social networking sites like myspace?

  5. It is an issue, but I´d ratther keep the comments open – and I think there is a point of sorts in there! I will however delete anything abusive.

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